The new site has been uploaded— it's avaialble at this link: https://alkalinehalocline.neocities.org/

This site will be left as-is!

Recently, I've been working on a new site thats much smaller and easier to navigate than this one! The design is a lot different, but I think it aligns more with what I want to create now. Basically, I started making OC content about 5-6 years ago, and a lot has changed since then— the things I want to draw, what themes and topics I like and want to cover. I felt like there was a dissonance between my old and new self...

I started drawing again recently as well, since some circumstances have changed! Thankfully, I'm one of those artists who doesn't forget how to draw after an long break.

When the HTML/CSS/etc. is done, I'll post a link to my new site here. Or maybe, I'll overwrite this site? When it comes to hosting, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do yet... though I've been looking into a custom domain too! Though everything here will be archived in some way— I don't want to just throw it away, of course...

Until then, it's back to work. (* ̄▽ ̄)b

If you're someone who likes my art or looks at my site, thanks! It makes me glad that people enjoy the stuff I make.
I love to draw, and I don't ever want to give up on creating. But my struggles with mental health and other stuff [as made obvious] have been pretty rough the past 3 or 4 years. It's been difficult for me to even pick up my pen, and that makes me sad. There's so much I want to do, but I just can't somehow.
I'll probably start drawing regularly again at some point— I hope to give my creations the passion and drive they deserve! But I'm unsure when that will happen.
Again, thank you for your viewing...! (⌒▽⌒)♡

Going on some kind of hiatus again [again] to see if I can pull myself together enough to be something

Melancholy nights and drifting days... I hope my cold heart will warm up somehow...

Trying to draw everyday even if I think it's bad and I don't really like it... I am jealous of the me last year who was drawing such nice dynamic poses.. I think I should practice that again.... the way I do my drawing is sort of technical, so it shouldn't be hard if I get my brain to remember...?

Translating songs is fun but also pain because you go back and revise other lines once you get more context... I translated something backwards by accident last year and that was demotivating... but I'll finish it...!

I'm getting a passport this month... I want to travel somewhere this year if possible...! I'd like to visit another country, maybe, or at least go to AX or... something... even if it's anxiety inducing and gives me a heart attack, I want to try...?! (¯▿¯)

Carrying mutiple heavy boxes full of books at the same time like some anime character.... opening them up feels very special and the serotonin wafts into my brain!! Along with the mental illness.................. [it is radiating from the books like in anime when something stinks]

Translating, typesetting, and editing video/audio is strangely cathartic. Weird coping mechanism but OK! [me to myself]
Wish the Neko Atsume VR game was on PC... I think it would get rid of my dark brain orb.
I have been listening to almost nothing but the Cowboy Bebop OST and Katamari Damacy OSt the past three weeks... I need to find new music... aaaaahhhh. Eee.....

Also enjoying playing Sky the past month or so... people on this game are either very very nice and fun or will refuse to acknowledge your existence! Some nice JPN players help me out sometimes but I wonder why they're awake at 1AM...

The bulk-buy of mental illness manga I bought weeks ago will arrive soon! I decided to finally get physical copies of oyasumi pun pun [and asanos other work] after seeing the live action movie announcement... I will read them when the world caves in. Maybe.

ずっと ずっと ずっと♪…

Drawing again (again) [again again] New doodle log![?]

あきらめた… but the will is there somewhere...?

Despite wanting to do more, my brain is melting and the floor is fading away and I'm sinking into some unknown realm... executive dysfunction is exhausting...

Rewatching ghost in the shell today... I want to try playing in the splatfest a little if my brain will let me get off the floor!

The next season of airing anime may revive my watching tendencies again... also, it seems like a lot of people liked Bocchi, so I started watching it... I thought it would just be a cute music anime, but it's too relatable...?!!?!?!!? Eeee.......... The animation is very good though!! And I like all the tributes and references it has...

Brain has been letting me sketch daily, but it doesn't feel like enough.... I want to finish something every week, but... ah.....

Being in 2023 is weird because it felt like time and space and the universe wouldn't progress past the 2010's but here we are! Time is an enigma/social construct/etc. etc.... I am working on a new years art currently so hopefully that turns out well... it being the year of the rabbit is convenient because it ties into [eventual] comic plot things...

Oh, I also realized my blog div has been off center this entire time... do I care enough to fix it though? ............No

wip i may or may not finish

New years resolutions are basically the same as last year; don't die and work on art more! I hope I can make something worth looking at... that people will really like. Maybe.

Thinking about how to start the new year art-wise... I want to work on my comic more...
About 20 hours into Xenoblade 1 now... it finally feels engaging and exciting. It's cured some of my year-end depression... just a bit! I'm looking forward to playing more... I wish the combat system was better, though...
Also successfully acquired a pair of AKGK845BTs! Now to engineer some solution to keep them on my ears while behind my head...


Kurisumas is soon... I wonder what I'll do besides geting dragged around... maybe I should try some different drinks... or maybe I should bake a cake and cookies...?! ケーキが食べたい! ( ´ ▽ ` ) [絶望に屈しない]

Got to the ending of Sky [technically]... after the panic and imminent death, it was beautiful and made me feel something strange but nice. Now its time to grind for candles!!!! [Real pain.] I don't want to finish P5r... the ending feeling of "is this really happiness?"/"is this fine? I guess so" is bittersweet, just like P4G...

Wanted to draw them in Kurisumas clothes but just drew a normal drawing instead...

Playing Sky on switch recently! It's a nice calm game with simple interactions... it makes me feel a bit better. I always wondered what Journey would be like as a psuedo-MMO...
Want to draw, but my head won't stop aching...


Absolutely obliterated incapacitated yesterday and today so I decided to pass out on the floor and then reread 4 haruhi novels... whatever happens, happens.....

What is 'drawing'... I can't remember...

Forgot I was actually doing animations in Phowotoshop and not CSP... I've been listening to 'Routines' by 'Hoops' a lot these past couple months, even though it's freezing and snowing [lolw] I guess I just like 'Suns Out' a lot...

Comic updated! I forgot that if you click too fast, the image order gets messed up... oh well... time to lie on the floor...

I'm sort-of used to the animation timeline in CSP now, but it's still not as nice as afterFX... ahh... and I have a mini-hangover... orzzzzzzz.............. I've been contemplating animating one panel at a time [thinking about homestuck] instead of trying to draw an entire page and come up with these panel layouts.... though, it'd be less interesting that way... maybe...

Colouring comic and animating... I realized that I'll have to edit my site HTML again to add another year section... it's already been that long again...?!

Asahi and Sapporo taste good I think... going outside so much is draining my energy...

My birthday is going to come and go once again... I'll try to enjoy the taste of expensive ramen and sake/beer/etc. but I guess it'll be a solitary one like the last 4 birthdays...? Even if there's people around, it still feels lonely somehow.

November is somehow already over... I want to work hard as much as I can.

Drawing is soothing the blender in my brain just a bit... colouring lineart is fun and mindless!
Somehow, 5 hours passed... at least the art is finished. I hope I can work on my comic more this week...?!
I'm happy to see new Panty & Stocking figures... I sent in a request for them to rerelease the nendoroids months ago... though, seeing more indie game figures makes me happy as well!
I'm trying to watch story gameplay for the new PkMn games... so many good character designs. They are very 'gender'...

Didnt realize i was drawing for 5 hours straight... oh God. Anyways, i am cringe but i am free. futabber.

I want to bake another cake [again]...

Decided not to get PkMn [lolw], but also discovered that if I lie on the cold floor in the dark and absorb the energy of the universe for 6 hours not only do I gain 94269 mental illness darkness points, I also gain 42969 stamina points. This is like having -5x SpDf while getting a boost of 5x SpAtk... I think my multiple overlapping brain errors formed a crack in space and time. Motivation is MAX, but I think I'm going to die! Yippie!!

New Mass of the Fermenting Dregs album in 2022... either the world wants to smush me like a bug the past few years, or it's giving me gifts from the anime gods...?!
Drawing on paper with ink like I used to... it's strange how I just draw without thinking too much, and it looks nice, even though I can't erase... maybe I should stop thinking while drawing digitally... again.

Forest of Drizzling Rain remake looks nice, but I'll have to play it some other time in the future... along with other things... ah...

酒を買った! ひとりぼっちへようこそ!(絶望)
edit: Maybe PkMn will give me enough energy to spite god...

Remembered there's a lot of site HTML that will need eventual updating... ourgh... [on floor writhing suffering from executive dysfunction]

VRC is the only online social game where I can walk in on multiple individuals dancing to california girls as various JRPG characters... there are some times I think, "Oh, this feels kind of like 2000's MMORPG socializing... warm, and maybe a bit silly". Though the other half of the time is social anxiety, awkardness, or avoiding weird people... I think it's worth it, though...!

Being a 5 star octobrush main in Splat3 is just [kill everybody by skrillex playing with multiple overlapping booyahs and ouches]
edit: I attempted to edit this [badly]

I really want decentralization and user privacy... why is it OK now to have your location tracked, to post pictures of yourself and what you're doing constantly...? Did the common knowledge of 'value your anonymity' just go poof...?? Why is everyone OK with these lackluster, corporate sites that offer barely any freedom?? I think people can still connect and communicate without sharing their private information to the public... isn't that how it should be normally...? We should have a free internet without corporations and tracking! (>_<)
And it's funny that many people still have this weirdly bad view of tumblr when it's one of the only functional, genuinely nice 'social media' sites still around... I think people used to that constantly-engaged, toxic social media experience will be weirded out by a proper social site... maybe...?
[Thoughts I was having thinking about the whole Tweeter thing going on the past 4 months]

Work... appointments... more work... splatfest... my brain is spinning... がんばってます... (; ̄▽ ̄)b

I love snow, but it destroyed the pretty fall colours so quickly... fall continues getting shorter every year to my dismay... at least I can wear 80% of my clothes now. Maybe I should relocate to the mesopelagic zone [they have Squid and Crab]
I wonder what makes 'extra steps' so hard when it comes to completing tasks, even if I've gotten better at starting things these days. But... I'm glad I can function at all with how many things I have running around in my brain! Disorders, conditions, disabilities... even if they squish me like a bug sometimes, I occasionally feel grateful for them in a weird way. I can't imagine being neurotypical and continuing life the same way... even if it's difficult.

Working on comic pages... I will attempt to do one [1] page a week, maybe... [hoping really hard that my brain cooperates]

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! [I'll try to doodle something halloween related today after/before working on comic things...]

Wanted to redesign herzen a bit.

I love drawing [obviously] autistic characters... going through many chapters/episodes to analyze body language and what-not... it can be a big indicator of that sort of thing. I don't do the iconic autistic squat anymore, but I'm always crossing my legs back and forth, doing something with my hands, anything but default position! And every person with ASD moves differently... even outside of ASD, things like anxiety show themselves somewhere, I think... [Definitely not thinking about Makima]
Comic ideas and layouts swirling around...

Brain is simultaneously succumbing to mental illness [again] and also vibrating over Doctor Who... I think I'll draw a lot this week?! 描きたい、ほんとう描きたいです! (´・ω・)

Doodle from May I forgot to finish of ghost oc who eats crackers/wafers/etc. who was adopted by murderer oc. They are actually not just an uncomfortably infinite span of Leg.

Fighting mental illness in one of those underground fight clubs to draw everyday even if it's something small. I want to steady my brain before taking on comic drafts again.

Also having beaten BW in under 22 hours is strange... I thought theg game was longer...? Or maybe I'm just good at it...? I've definitely realized that it lacks so many features compared to what platinum had. A lot of them feel gimmicky or unfinished as well, like the musical... why can't you earn ribbons? Why is there some kind of ranking at the end but no definite points or categories? We'll never know...

Drawing traditionally on paper is still unfairly easy compared to digital for some reason. Or maybe drawing digitally is hard-mode drawing training, so paper drawing is infinitely easier now? Maybe... I'm doing my best to draw with wrists/fingers not only destroyed by S rank in Splatoon3, but also destroyed by Expert in BeatSaber. No matter how many stretches I do, I don't get a break! [Mentally or physically apparently...]
Oh yeah, and Chainsaw Man, huh. Chainsaw Man! Chainsaw Man! Chainsaw Man! Chainsaw Man! Chainsaw Man! Chainsaw Man! [etc. etc. I can't watch the episode until later but I watched the OP 5 times already, I hope I get to see Angel in a month...]

A half hiatus or semi-hiatus or something...

WIP... wanted to do a gif but realized I'd burn out from that

Dinner-er is not over-er...

Might try to start drawing regularly again next week... Splat3 has become an extra DLC illness in my brain. I escaped it for a bit to harvest pears [real life farming], but now I have a bucket full of pears I have no idea what to do with...

I might try to continue my comic once I build up enough energy... my brain wants to make convoluted music videos and gif animations which would [probably] fry it.

Team Fun reasoning: If you can bring whatever you consider 'fun' then it becomes an extremely subjective category where you can bring virtually anything you want... this could include a giant cargo container with 'gear' and 'grub' inside... maybe a cargo container mini-house...?! [Don't ask how this would get on the island] Also I don't actually care if I die either way... LOLwww

I don't think a game has injected itself into my brain like this in years... Splatoon 3 is something. There are plenty of good artists in the lobby, it makes me think how Nintendon't has abandoned more and more social [and gimmick] features in their systems and games over time... I can hope they'll add more features back in the new PkMm games, but it's unlikely. The switch itself doesn't even have themes yet, despite having the feature built-in to the system... it's confusing, since they could definitely make money off of it. As time goes on, it only becomes more apparent that only users know what users want/need, and only users will mod in these features!

Anyways, woomy !

Switched from CuriousCat to RetroSpring, so the INDEX page has been updated accordingly. Also finished rereading 'Oyasumi PunPun'... I wish it wasn't so hard to get english physicals for these series...
Ah... I want to play Splatoon 3 already!! I want to watch Chainsaw Man!! I want to do a lot of things, but my brain won't cooperate at all... despite that, I still want to draw a little... somehow...

Grinding to level 999999 or whatever the limit is in (Not) Personaea 4 [Prinny Eugenics edition] to ignore all mortal responsibilities. Also, I have never played a Splat game before, but the demo was enjoyable so I might buy it next month, mayhaps. The end of the year is filled with lots of Gaming Opportunities.
Oh and attempting to draw a Miku since they're 15 years old now already, huh...

I like drawing depressed, dead anime girls

Definitely drew/drawing Kagepro art for today but my brain is running along the train tracks at an incredible speed while rewatching Tatami Galaxy... so...

Confused when a friend said they put me in the new PkMn games, then I checked the new characters... maybe my look is slowly becoming more popular...?!?! [Probably not] I kind of want to draw them, though.
Thinking about what I 'really want to do' often, hopefully not brought on by rereading NHK ni Youkoso and Yesterday wo Utatte... [Typical summer rereads]

Feel like I accidentally held down the SKIP button for too long in the VN of life

Every year I always think about writing a lot in regards to siinamota/powapowaP/etc. since their works are invaluable to me... I've been listening to all of their [known/distributed] music all month! Of course, I probably wouldn't be here if not for VOCALOID as a whole, but out of any producer, I resonate with their work the strongest, sometimes to a saddening degree. Maybe with a tint of guilt too— I can't pretend as if I knew them, or that my perceptions/interpretations of their words is the truth, but I can't help but wonder what it would've been like to talk to them. What kinds of things were they thinking? What dreams did they have? Their experiences, their worries and fears of the future, the things they [seemingly] couldn't leave behind... all of those things coalesce into a single thought of, "There was somebody in this world so alike to me?", something like that, I think.

Out of anything else, though, I carry a lot of respect for them, knowing how their works have definitively changed the course of so many people's lives for the better, even if it was giving someone a sliver of hope or empathy... in whatever form their words took for that person. Even if their name is unknown, as long as those sounds/words can reach somebody, somehow... well, I think they would've been happy... probably.

anyway besides that game dev will [hopefully] be going into hyperfocus mode whenever possible, and if i'm not making game assets then maybe i'll try to draw other things too...? i have a lot of drive for it right now, the problem is just getting around to it and pacing myself... i want to make things faster!! i'll try my best as always [tentatively]

Buying a bag of milk

O. What? O. What? O. What? O. What? O. What? O. What? O. What? O. What? O. What? O. What? O. What? O!
Buying milk part 2. Oh no this became too real too fast. But it's OK. I can sacrifice sleep tonight for beloved mental illness game. Ha ha ha ha ha oh no Let's drink some milk!
Maybe I should draw the milk girl... [eventually] But aren't we all milk girl deep down?

Want to work on game assets but my brain is melting into oblivion

Keep rewatching Utena every couple of years for some reason, I always tear up near the end... Ikuhara anime just feel Different . Also watched the movie for the first time and enjoyed the 1hr25mins of surrealism. Except they made the gayness very direct and Out There which I appreciated...

Suddenly understanding that things do not have to be perfect will speed up dev time by a good amount, huh... I have been IRLing a lot recently, so I write down scripts and lore while I'm out. I suddenly want to write 50 pages of lore on all of my characters, and make animations and music videos, but all of that requires time and effort... I suppose there's no rush to dump my encyclopedia of worldbuilding...?
I care [because] siinamota, would be nice if i can make a full art this year...

RPGMaker MV has been very friendly except for when I follow tutorials for MZ by accident and have to rework the entire event...
Also maybe working on something

Friendship ended with Gamemaker Studio now RPGMaker MV is my new best friend. Have a lot of doodles I will probably separate and post [eventually[ and WIPs...
Gardening IRL is nice and peaceful, the dirt is fluffy and if it was not dirt I would probably stick my face into it...
Hoping that the port of Persona 3 Portable will at least bring back the 3D cutscenes and backgrounds... I wanted them to combine the portable content with FES, and add quality of life changes... oh well... at least I can finally play Royal this year!
Programming now is less being confused about everything, but having a vague idea of what should go where... yet that is confusing in its own way. [Progress will inevitably happen though lolw]
When in doubt of the value of existence as an act and concept, always remember Miku...

Game dev'ing is going well while ignoring mental crisises and what not... inventory system is mostly implemented, I don't know if I'll need item stacking or not... currently working on inventory and item use animations, fixing pauses, etc. etc. after that maybe BGM/SFX and then... battle system? ?? Oh god, I can already imagine the floor-laying sessions out of frustrated confusion eeeEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I should stop taking so long with making dumb things. Though I'm drawing daily again...
Have gotten somewhat far in Gamemaker... slowly understanding GML more despite much confusion. RPGMaker esque interactions shouldn't be too hard to implement, and it'll make for easier development too... for now, everything is placeholders... [While botched programming happens] Also writing some more group/species/etc. lore for story related things a bit. [just a bit]

It is June now I guess anyway I am learning GML [GameMaker Language] and bordering on the verge of complete nuclear reactor collapse but I think it's OK. Energy has revived and I am once again being Productive:tm:. Programming can't be that hard, right... ??? [crying, deflating air balloon noise] jack-of-all-trades indie dev/artist life is fun

Decided to try out Gamemaker since a lot of games I've liked were made in it... it also has more flexibility compared to RPGMaker MV, though it is its own learning curve... however, with the power of YewChube tutorials, anything is possible! I am definitely not using random funny stock photos as placeholders while I add collisions
Making UI mockups is fun. [not lying] I want to remove the impression of 'a static picture game' as much as possible, even in the UI and dialog... so hopefully I can animate 'static' things to some degree. [if MV will allow it]

Contemplating either embedding a Ren'py game or RPGMaker MV game into the website, and periodically updating it... segments of the game would be divided by chapters, and at the end of each chapter, instead of a save point, you'd get a 'keyword' to jump to where you were at... doing a comic is fun, but there are some other mediums that allow more creativity... [and sound?] we will see.
Drawing on paper recently again, it continues to feel very nice. I wish i had some kind of pen nib that felt more like the pens/pencils i use, but it'd probably wear out my screen and i'd be buying nibs constantly... something about the screens smoothness i've grown used to, though, so its also sort of nice...?
3D modeling is going nicely! Shape is taking form! Also, I want to experiment with the 'character voices' idea I have sometime soon! [vaguely animal crossing-esque]

Currently working on script for the comic! Will progress at whatever pace ny brain decides I guess. Also have practiced 3D modeling a lot as of late... who knew moving vertices around could be calming...

Having a somewhat-short hiatus... melting together into the dirt of the earth with my brain

Added a new page to STORY, along with context for the first page [because i never put text on it]...oops.

May have ordered 80$ worth of artbooks from Japan... oops. Though having all these animation frames from Sidu's MV's makes me feel very powerful... [I bought .dsd/v] Also, buying limited, niche and rare art collections from 12 years ago with unscanned, unuploaded art feels like I have precious treasure... Takehito Harada's works. Pleinair my beloved.
Also was supposed to just start drawing sketches/doodles again, then spent 4 hours on one thing... W.I.P. I guess.

Maybe also learning more Japanese and translating a 30 page fan comic at the same time. nihongo jouzu.

Brain dictated that I needed to draw things related to VOCALOID from 2010 or something... doodling Kagepro... brain also dictated that I should learn to play MIDI piano [badly] at 1AM haha Why. Do mi Ti why Not Me etc. etc. I'll try to start on the comic again. Eeee.

Apparently, my brain can only hyperfixate in full-time travel mode when I work on HTML or Art:tm:... 5 hours went by for both, and I didn't even do that much. And the HTML is a side project! Ah... I suppose it is time to start doodling more. Many ideas... in brain... yet I am stagnant. Only listening to relaxing japanese ambient music, shoegaze, and edgy alternative rock... I seem to have misplaced my 'pull cord that revs my ADHD and productivity like a chainsaw'

Desperately thinking of something funny for April Fools while having yet another existential crisis... wanting to give up, but then not having anything to do if you give up... a weird paradox, basically. It is impossible to give up at that point. So... onwards!!!!???? Somehow, please... Also I did not forget about Artifices birthday I am slowly putting something together that encompasses some sort of... Feeling.

Ate at a nice restaurant for the first time in awhile... the weather is starting to warm up and the skies are looking nice again...! Despite that, my brain is vibrating again... maybe one day I can not just wade, but dive and drop-kick it into the quiet of the stream.... I have a small thing I can put together for Artifice's birthday, maybe...

Finished NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE as well a few days ago... 100% completion and 34 hours... the true ending changed my perspective on everything that had happened up to that point, and me and a friend proceeded to mull over it in existential silence for the night... it was too understandable and too real. Thanks funny mental illness game

Supposed to be working on character portraits but making a parody animation out of nowhere... uh-oh.

Finished Avila's character portrait... have to make a reference sheet!! Also, I need to update the character page HTML... [it's broooookeeeen... our loooove... broookeeeeeeeeeen...]
I have been attempting to make a 3D model as well... though that will be a small side project, which may take awhile. [Personal project] May also pick up that very fun Definitely not about mental illness anime girl streamer game.

Work in progress of non biney. I liked the fun drifting not dark soul cone person game so I drew an art. [also posted doodles I did while definitely not working on portraits]

Updated Artifice's CHARA page with the new portrait and design sheet... now hopefully I will be able to draw something for March 5th... Persona 3 is a game I hold very close to my heart, it's hard to believe it's 16 years old. No matter how much time passes, I won't ever forget... [Kimi no something something never leave youuuuu].
Doddle while working

Artifice's portrait is almost done...???!!?! Figuring out colours right now. Listening to Weathers has powered me through this entire process the past few days, somehow... MENTAL ILLNESS MUSIC?!?!

I want to draw another nice piece for March 5th, as usual... but I wonder if I'll have the willpower...? We will see. [Brain is currently vibrating at light-speed in and out of the space time continuum (derogatory)]
I am once again working on character portraits. What is "An invigorating pose that captures the audience and conveys the subjects character" I wish I knew the answer to That Question. I think I am better at the art of 'not giving a fuck' while drawing, though.
Being more active and getting things done! Energy! Yes! Working! Yes! Yes! Whoo! Whoo! please don't burn out for the love of god i am begging you brain pleas

I woke up a few minutes after a Nier;Automata anime was announced and wondered if I was asleep still... we really are living in the future aren't we...?! I thought P2/P1 merch was unrealistic enough lolwww. I worked on a few drawings around cat day... one should be posted now. I am slowly realizing looking through my sketchbooks just how many unposted/unfinished things I have... I am tempted to scan them all, but it'd probably take forever.
There are many things I couldn't do last year due to depression that I'd like to do now... I hope they can come to realization, all the idea rotating in my brain... aaahhh ahhh I can See it in my Mind [Art] Village ahhh ahah i want to go aha ahh aaahahh ahahh Chocolate milk addiction has been resurrected"

Always late with event art as usual... I have been listening to too much shoegaze music, and HEALTH lately... I feel as if I am entering my unhinged emo blood arc where my brain atrophies into a Dark Orb:tm:. However, despite the overwhelming urge to only draw edgy things, I will Not allow it. [probably] _(:3 」∠)_
Oh and my third box set of Monogatari novels will arrive soon... more mental illness! Yaaaay.

Currently been practicing more fluid poses and generating ideas... also animating something for Valentines I guess. Attempted to make a nice cheesecake like last year, but I messed up and it became all slimey... I should buy a normal cake pan... ahhh... I'll mourn the death of the potentially delicious, fluffy cheesecake with Komm, Susser Tod... remember to tell the people you appreciate that you love them! (⌒▽⌒)☆
A side note, wanting to implement an RSS feed into the site's front page somehow to show when art logs/blogs were last updated, for more transparency...

Comic page [should] be done now... I have remembered once again all the stories I want to write... it will take a long time. Aaaaa.... I wonder if I should try to work on character portraits again. Also fixed the blog LOL however removing the TV log and archiving it since I do not use it very often... (* ̄▽ ̄)b
Oh, also wondering how I should implement the text into my comic... either slowly added onto the page along with the panels, as to set a reading pace, or maybe under the panel itself...? We will see.

Realized that I have not done HTML in a while, so I'm rusty.... have to work through this to implement comic viewer...!!! Yet it is frustrating. Besides that... I have been playing this pretty niche game where you run around as some wolf mom who is also a god, banishing evil using a paintbrush... definitely never heard of that game before! Nope! Anyway, Okami is very nice... I hope the [mentioned] sequel will come out in the next few years... hopefully...

Oh, and it is Feburary somehow. LOLwww. orz. [I'll do my best.] I also might be rewatching the meow murder show, a month after finishing it... but in HD bluray because... I have mental illness.... time to listen to RAZZMATAZZ by IDKHOW for the 50th time since last year...

Practicing animation recently... it makes me want to turn my story into an animation, though that would probably murder me... I made a short video because I was procrastinating implementing the comic viewer into the site. The first page of the comic is done(?????), however, I have no idea what I'm doing... [as usual] EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [will hopefully get done sometime around sunday/monday]

Doing comic drafts is surprisingly fun... it's interesting to think about how transitions will work... I'd like to make an animated comic to express things a bit better, I think. Also, scanned some old doodles from NOVEMBER [LOL orz] and threw them into the doodle LOGs...

Ended up with a surprise neck strain... mostly healed now, but a lot of drawing took place in the sketchbook... I want to scan and go over some things, if I can...

Obligatory new years art finished... now to focus on drawing a comic or...? Many choices can be made...!!! [Overwhelmed] [Vibrating slightly] [Inner existential turmoil] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa. I am still tired, somehow. [Here is a tired new years doodle]

Oh, I also replayed UNDERTALE recently... for no particular reason. So maybe I will draw art of it. Mayhaps... [maybe]. If I am filled with enough DETERMINATION...

meow/rawr/nya/etc. etc. [wip] [still procrastinating on fixing blog year sorting tabs]

It's a new year already... writing a story is easy, but putting purpose and meaning to it that will resonate with other people is difficult. I'll do my best to make something that can be appreciated and understood... though the process of creating might be enjoyable enough on it's own to be worth something. [And I'm going to have to make another tab for 2022 on this container aren't I... eeeeeeeee....] Anyway, I'll do my best! I hope any other creatives have a fruitful year full of progress and satisfaction! [Or something...]

Recently I have had a revival of my years old Project Moon hyperfixation... playing Lobotomy Corporation again [with a better translation] and consuming Ruina's story... I have wanted to draw nothing but edgy emo blood art for the past three weeks!!! I am unsure what to do with Art [mental illness] And besides my birthday being soon, I'm leaving on a trip after... [going on a plane for the first time is anxiety inducing] somehow, the year is ending already... I'm wanting to start some sort of comic/story late December! Brain, please cooperate...

A lot of time has passed... and I have finally finished my first two Monogatari boxsets. There's many doodles and sketches in my sketchbook I need to scan and go over it seems... progress will be made at whatever pace my brain allows [Limited bandwidth thoughts-->brain connection] If I'm able, I'd like to play SMTV... I miss getting called a loser by random demon creatures as I try to befriend them

October is over already...! And there has been minimal activity. orz. Avila's birthday is next month... I'd like to do something nice for them... [And attempt to draw more regularly, once again, despite ADHD]
Note: The PkMn Center Fluffy Hugging Plush Zorua is very soft and cute, and I will cherish them forever...! [Soft!!!!!]

Persona merch shelf update with 25th anniv merch ft. Robotics;Notes... I didn't end up buying much because of budget and overseas shipping costs....orz. If not for the laws of this land [fees] I would own Tatsuya, Maya, Naoya and Minako plushies too...

On a side note, I am designing halloween based OCs...[unsure where I will place them in eventual lore]

Somehow, it's October.... and almost halfway through October...?! Time is passing too fast for my ADHD to keep up.....
Finishing my 3rd rewatch of Violet Evergarden... rewatching Utena [again] this year... finishing the first box set of Monogatari novels... and starting to rewatch and reread Soul Eater... it seems I am consuming many different things Huh... besides my media consumption, I am soon to recieve my Persona 25th anniversary merchandise...!!! [Will probably set them on designated Persona merch shelf and take a picture afterwards]
oh i'm also working on a new cosplay for hallowed ween'd but that's a Secret (¯▿¯)
Noticed that the site font [source code pro] isn't showing up properly for some reason... did Ggrks Fonts have an error...? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......................... I'll fix it at some point.............. [and also stop the blog from attempting to load everything at once]
Please take this Senjougahara and Hanekawa conversation screencap as consolidation.

That Nintendo Direct was interesting... I choked on my water when they listed the VA's for the mario movie. Metroid looks really good...!!!! Finally Bayonetta 3 news after 4 years.... 2022 will have a lot of good releases!!
I finished Deltarune ch. 2 today and ended up typing multiple large paragraphs while Theorizing Lore/Plot Things... I still wonder why people don't question Ralsei more. [Cute but Multiple Suspicious Questionable Things] [also insert something about BIG SHOT etc. etc. here] anyway now it's time to

It has been exactly three months since I updated my blog... procrastination evolved to it's final form!! But maybe it can de-evolve... hopefully... perhaps... [Like a digimon...?] When I can unmelt my brain, the OC art might rise once again!!! I am attempting to be alive!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Trying to get back into drawing more often...! Using references...! Yeas!!!!! I am trying! I wonder what they'll announce for Persona's 25th anniversary... Persona 1-3 PC ports would be nice! [w.i.p.]

Wondering what I should do with my art recently..... perhaps I will switch to posting on social media. [Still updating the site, but maybe focusing on fanart for now...] Brain hurt.
Have some weird form of art block recently..... [and maybe no art ideas, maybe] May is also almost over already!!! I want to make an animation as summer rolls in full force....
Trying to figure out what pose I want portraits to be in... I want them all to match and look Nice!!

Thinkin about thos free soft robots................... trying to draw while running on 4 hrs of sleep

Playing VRChat has been an experience . There are lots of very neat people, and lots of not neat people. It is like a gacha of friendship! Also have been playing chess recently, chess is good. Board games are, infact, fun sometimes. However timed moves SUCK !!! Let me think about one move for 15 minutes you cowards!!!
Tried plant borger. burger. plant burger. Tasted pretty good! Would not mind eating plant burger again.
If youre not with me then youre my enemy and not just my enemy but my enemowy and my enerdlihc too . currently working on multiple things... ddodoooedles... animation... I am just doing things!

Also, trying to care for an outdoor plant inside is very anxiety inducing . I have never had a plant that isn't unkillable before .... I will do my best to keep it alive!!
It's already May somehow! Almost halfway through 2021... It's kind of scary... however recently i have joined a few public servers to try and make friends! I hope it will turn out well! Also, I have been trying to get out of my artblock... slowly working on drawing daily again!! [I would like to post something every other day, even if it's a doodle...]
Replicant 1.22 is very good so far !!! Also very cool that DGS is getting localized.... I already finished both games thanks fan translators hee hee! but it is nice to see... meanwhile I am currently watching 10 anime at the same time, 8 of which are currently airing. help . [trying to make a DGS art if my brain will function]

I thought it wasn't possible to be more of a nerd but then i bought sci-fi DVD's....................... [also contemplating buying BD player, which may also be used for Anime:tm:]

The Replicant remake(?) is coming out Soon also!!! さよなら、60$. Maybe I will draw kaine or emil... [Has been listening to Emil's shop theme on spotify for 8 hours straight]

Finished re-reading all 545 chapters of Fairied Tail a week ago or something so now I'm leaving the anime running in the BG... hello 2010!
You know you're watching a 2009 anime when theres this bit at the beginning... [doesn't actually know how many shows did this]

figuring out lineart still ........... seems like a semi-common thing for people to do this

teto w.i.p!!! pain (bread)

wanted to have a teto ready for the 1st of this month but Alas. I am sloth..... snail. monkey even. monkeys these days don't know how to cook.... all they know is lie, run from net, eat burger and lie.

Looking forward to the new twewy game!! Wish they changed the title more instead of just adding -NEO- [or new] to it because the search results are going to be.... [blender noise]. Wondering how the combat will work from a non-2d perspective... not sure how it will feel to turn the camera while fighting! Also did neo-Neku just give up dyeing his hair or did the orange get sucked out of it like a juice box.... he looks like. an Organization XII member

conspiracy theory that it's not actually neku but its Beat since the shoes have similar color and also it looks like the hoodie has a bone on it...? however neku could also just be emo now. [more emo than before]
Trying out different lineart and color things while drawing ... doing fanart is a good way to experiment I think! want to draw oc fullbodies but i want to have a set lineart/color style first... [to save the pain of redrawing things eventually]

[said experimenting with colors/lineart] I am a very simple person. I see an NPC or side character in something and they become my favourite instantly
I did not draw any cute bunnies for easter or whatevrev. or egg day . or bunny day. however I DID draw my epic biker bunny lady

The Girls have arrived!!! vofan's art is very nice! also hoping I can get get the final box set in june.... [also wanted to buy zaregoto and katanagatari eventually]

ADHD is both terrifying and amazing because you may not be able to get out of bed for 3 days, and then you may also finish an entire art in 5 hours............... the duality of mankind .
thinking about wowaka today

April time, babyyyyyyy. Going to try and draw more this month!! currently no april fools jokes have been planned.... however in the future I would like to have site themes for holidays/events and such. We will see. ... [currently drawing cursed image]
It is somehow almost april. I am in great fear!!! Working on going over sketches in CSP again ............. I accidentally started watching 3 sci-fi shows at once and reading 30 chps of manga in one sitting. [Daily,]

hope my brain will cooperate so i can upload some portraits of ocs i redrew in november or something. brain forgot!

Nevermind it is OK I finished it in time anyways. Here is a lineart/color gif thingy.,,, (not really a w.i.p but not not a w.i.p either!) Animating is very hard ........... today is also the first day of spring, happiness day, and earth day. be nice to nature and fish and other things that live outside !!

Learning sign language is very fun !!! I thought it would be hard to remember but it's surprisingly easy .......maybe I will make an oc that uses sign language one dayy. Not sure if I will finish drawing all the animation frames before the 20th .... I am sorry artifice my son i have failed you (¯▿¯)
I have a bunch of things I need to post soooonish ................ (mostly p3/p5s doodles...) Despite not being an animator, I am rejecting god !! Also been thinking about those sci-fi shows/movie beans recently .......... a spaced dandy here, a bebopped there....,
Drawing over my sketchbook scans for 4 days and now my wrist is deceased ..... Artifices birthday is Soon. Perhaps I will redraw a gif .....

local internet hermit cant stop thinking about old anime videos (on internet,)

I was a week late but I successfully drew a nice art for march 5th. my eyeballs and brain hurt. i never felt, like, so miserabllleeee... never felt like thinkigng this would last foreeve.rer......... also here is borgeer doodle

I am aware it is miku day (3/9) and i wanted to draw a nice miku art but i have no SP left . Alas .............
waddahell is a kimi no kioku. lineart and shading is (basically) done now we color or die

i am drawing through my eyeball rain (w.i.p.)

i probably will not finish in time for the 5th but that is OK . robot is hard to draw. i am not mentally ready to watch the 4th movie tomorrow

rewatched the first p3 movie .......... suffering will be Soon . mind only filled with baby baby baby and kimi no i will never leave youuuu . I'll probably upload more of my ocs to the character page sometime this month hee hee

also got my hair cut and the feeling of having overly clean hair is very Uncomfy. where is the oil . i need Oil help
how is it march did we time warp by accident (uploaded FAQ/rules page eewewewrethrgfdhdfhftdhgccfh) time to burn some bread

idk how leg work .......... i do not know if i will finish this doodle, however i am beginning my yearly rewatch of the p3 movies tomorrow ........ and itg is march .......................... breas d time e f

Working on the FAQ/Rules page html!!! It will probably be broken on mobile like the blog page but whatevere . I do not have energy to do mobile layout currently .............................................one day i will fix it. (or troubleshoot for 10 hours,)

well. that pokemon presents thing happened. pokemon breath of the tsuushima looks great . also very interesting how they dipped d&p into 3DS RPGMAKER default graphics juice or something. i have no idea how to explain how the graphics feel but something is Off and it does not feel Right . maybe im insane though!!! i'm actually glad i replayed platinum last year, i wish they just ported the originals or something ........... though i probably wont buy either of them. i am very satisfied currently with my scratched up DS screen from making 50000 poffins. wowowowowowwoo

it's ok baby u are the only one I Neeeeed . oooooooooooo wwooo woo owoo

bought p5s to occupy myself in these trying times. also added a blog button to the bottom nav and fixed the overlay pattern on the blog !
suddenly realized that i have forgotten to color the green parts of artifices hair for . . . . . the last 5000 times I have drawn him. I am very sorry artifice please forgive me i will make sure to supply the Green from now on !!!!

also today or tomorrow is cat day or something ... however i have neglected to draw any of my cat-related ocs. instead, brain is only thinking of Peepy and Sucklet .
currently dying trying to cope with irl things ! wooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!! also dying waiting for P5S to come out so i may have started playing SMT persona on my vita .............
New blog html wooooooooooooooooooooooooowoooooooooooo . I added a Gamer:tm: log to post about games I am playing or whateveerreerr. I will have spoiler text and spoiler images in there also (because I might post spoilers maybe but I'll try not to for anythiiengg i am playing.)

also I am not sure how it is already Feb. 12. Time is both slow and fast and it is SCary! Help!!!!! Though I am looking forward to baking a fancy expensive cake tomorrow for valentines day ........ (which I will eat by myself, surrounded by anime/game merchandisee).

just spent over 2 hours straight transferring all the old blog posts to the new blog html . my eyes HURT!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghfhgfdxgfhjfdtrxthgnrxbhxf
Decided on a palette for the site (finally, finally) and also fixed some tiny things........ time to start on new blog page html........... (And other important pages like the FAQ page)
Suddenly realizing I'm going to have to adjust my site palette for every page since the contrast is off with th nav buttons/etc. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

It seems I have identified the problem as being that my old palette was very nice and my new* one is Not . I will attempt t.,t,t.ty,hfg,.dg.s,d to t to fix the contrast of the new palette and also add some green tint because that seems to be Good .
I have no idea how its already feburary!!!! Anyway I am slowly trying to implement the new site pages ........... I have no idea if anything is broken/weird/funky, so if going to any specific pages results in your PC catching on fire, sorry! Theres also many new pages that need to be created or updated still (But for now I'm just implementing the main ones like the main page, about page, gallery, etc....
in my dreams i see that town, silent hill . you told me you would t [html suffering ]

new site html and css is progressing smoothly except my dreams have been crushed and my day('s) has been ruined because I CAnnot for the life of me make an octagonal div that will WORK!!! The new gallery page layout is 95% done and after that I will work on a new About Page . however even if all the page layouts are done I want to remake or atleast touch up most of the buttons/images/etc. site thinggiess.ese.e.e.ee.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I think the index page layout/basic colors are done ! However I'm going to redesign or at least touch up a lot of the buttons..... and I need to remake stuff like the background pattern with the new colors...... eeee. Also in the future I'll probably use the sidebar layout on the right !! (When I have something to put in the white buttons....)

no context trying to design new sidebar layout

Have spent the past 7 hours trying to figure out how to make an octagon shaped DIV/find code that works..... going insane just a litttlleee. bit . Just a little . ju . justeet a t eeenyyy bit insane. j
The new sites index page layout is (HOPEFULLY) done!! (hopefully, please dont make me have to fix anything AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Though of course this is . just the main page... I'll also be redoing most pages like the gallery... blog.... faq page, etc... though those are more minor edits than the index page (lol) It's mostly just things like color scheme changes, icon changes, and making the boxes more octagonal shaped....

A sidenote, having been using f.lux for well over 7 months now (to save my eyeballs of course), I can't accept that the standard color temperature is what ? ? ? ? ? 6500k ????!!!? It's so BLUE ? ? ? ? and BRIGHt? ? ? My screen is at 2600k most of the time, and now anything above 4000k seems too blue .... so now, keeping this in mind while doing new site colors, and also using colors in my art ....................... ??????????? Huh? ? ? huH?? HuH?? ? ? I mean . okay . I'll just make the colors for 6500k.............I guess.......... ? ( ̄▽ ̄)
I love doing html/css !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when I say "I love doing it" I actually mean I hate it because of the uncertainty of everything youre doing . is it going to break the second I change one thing or increase window size ? Who knows! My work is never finished ..............................
finished omori (got true ending). definitely didn't sob uncontrollably . took lots of nice screenshots for future fanart or something ........... will probably get the other endings later ............ (¯▿¯) i need to process everything
Playing OMORI for a good chunk of time everyday for the past 4 or 3 days or so .... its a really charming game with wonderful art, with so much detail and love put into it ... even the parts that many people probably wont even see or think about!! I'm very close to the end, (about 17~ hours in, also doing most sidequests/extra content) and its probably already one of my favourite games ever... as someone who really loves RPG Maker games (and may create one in the future), its both refreshing and inspiring to see such a nice game made with the engine!!! I hope that games like OMORI can help show some people that not all games made with the engine are low effort or lacking in creativity... (I've also drawn a handful of art for it I would like to clean up and post eventually...)

Between playing it and doing other things, I've also been researching/studying/googling etc. information and resources for coding the new site!!! I'm pretty sure that I'll use css grid for the layout and whatever, since it seems much more reliable/understandable than flexbox (what the index page currently uses)...I'll also aim to make side-wide navigation without having a giant nav bar. (something on the bottom of every page maybe ...?) The mobile site will use media query (I think) and the site will switch between using the desktop css and mobile css depending on that I guess!!

the layout will sort of look like this, similar to the current site but still different (colors and stuff too) I still have no idea how most html/js/css works (lol) and my plans are somewhat ambitious, but I'll do my best !
I thought I wouldn't be awake for fireworks/new years but the fireworks ended up startling me awake anyway !! ( ˙▿˙ ) on the new site, I would like to hide previous blog posts by year and have tabs or something .... construction Soon!

I will probably begin full time construction of the new site html around early january ................ I am still Absolutely not good at html/css/js/etc. however I will do my best to make the new site is flexible/mobile friendly/just not a big mess in general .......................... ( ̄▽ ̄)b
Got a new tablet and some other very nice things . The cintiq16 is huge!! Insane!!! giant!!!
Made more Kwismas cookies. Fucking: YES. It's time to get UNCONSCIOUS
Seeing N get into pkmn masters made me very happy. however . seeing him finally get one of those nice scale figures is making me go insane ! My heart stopped! (((o(*°▽°*)o))) I need to draw him .................... (I WILL draw him.)
Uploading some scans todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . I wanted to go over a few sketches and ink them, however I fear I am in too much of a kwismas cookie induced coma to do so .
editing html so google and whatever other search engine doesn't index EVERY page on my site in search results (because thats cluttered and weird)

made a cw/tw pop up on entering the site! however i can't implement it into the current site right now... it will be in the new sites html though !!

Hoping my brain will function for 5 seconds so that I may..................... start working on my new site html....
im insane so i made cursed pancakes and also put melted chocolate on them for some subconscious evil scientist reason . i thought it would taste terrible but it tastes fine .

rats, rats, i am the rat. celebrating my birthday, i'm the birthday rat. its my birthday today! cake and ice cream is on its way. rats rats i am the rat. [YMCA music]
it is also Asuka's birthday today so i may attempt a quick art for her ... if i do not forget post pizza and ice cream coma

PERSONA 5 scramble COMING TO STEAM ?? IN ENGLISH ? ? ? ? ? ? what.. wha,t,,m wah what .... fucking reality is this .... is this real life ??? is this real life ...................? real ???? also my villagers in animal crossing throwing me a birthday party is absolutely the best thing ever
w.i.p preview(?) of art i have been working on for 50 years . i havent drawn so many characters in one drawing before how do people do this ??????????????? what is your wisdom?!!???!?

It's December! Somehow! This year felt both extremely long and extremely short at the same time... ???? My flesh prison escape anniversary (birthday) is also soon! I'm hoping to get a new cintiq soon as well... I've been using the 13HD for forever and while it's not bad, the cable is starting to get funky... (Also just kind of want a new tablet lol)

I've been drawing lots of things in my sketchbook, and also thinking of future activities/plans regarding this site! I might redo a lot of the html and the overall theme/look of the website sometime! (And have a mobile version for accessibility...) While I like drawing traditionally a lot, I hope after getting a new tablet I can move more to digital (scanning stuff and cleaning it/etc. is kind of convoluted lol) since that will make drawing easier(?). We will see what happens ............ we will see........................ ( ̄ω ̄)
finished persona 4 golden and i feel both completely empty inside and also fulfilled in every way!!! i will attempt to draw a nice art to commemorate finishing the game if post-persona depression doesn't murder me (╥_╥)
finally added added tw/cw to certain images in records/logs and made them viewable after clicking! [hopes i didn't miss any images by accident]
i cant believe a new twewy game got announced? ? ? what ? ? its been 13 yearrss.......... 2020 is insane im losing my mind !!! anyway will probably post art dump soonish or something [draws twewy]
very tired for no particular reason but im not dead yet so thats something i guess. also put a cursed image in rec #6! you're welcome (⌒‿⌒)
it wont stop snowing . there is so much snow i feel like a 5 yr old when their parents let them put salt on their food by themselves . will i go outside ? Yes
I've been redrawing a lot of my """"""old"""""" OC's!! Also going through really old sketchbooks and redrawing some older designs in general/noting things down... they'll probably be put on the character page at some point
hataraku u~foooo. 13 sentinels is also extremely sexy and i wish i could play it but i am ps4less...... alas . [watching gameplay]

its november baybee.. . and im fulfilling my weekly ritual of eating spaghetti while listening to the Spiderman PS2 Pizza Delivery Theme :tm:
going into a sugar coma for the next 50 years ( ̄▽ ̄)b colorless ver of hawwoween thingy

i have more scanned art that i have to clean up or maybe go over later . eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................... but for now i have to go to some party with insane crazy people who thought putting shrimp in a cocktail was a good idea . see you space cowboy
if outside air smelled like it does after it rains or snows all the time i would never go inside . catch me outside all day sniffing that sexy crisp crunchy fresh co2 free pure oxygen babey. return to monkey. [draws obligatory art of ocs in snow]
how is it already the 23rd of october what happened . hello ? ? ? ? ?? did i get sucked into an interdimensional time rift or some bullshit ? ? time is fake!!!! also i think art is nicer and just easier in general if you stop thinking while drawing . [turns brain off]
re-reading higurashi has been .... an experience. "im curazzyyyy . im insanneeeee. cuuraazyzyyyzyzyy. insanneeeee. im gonna kill you! im insane im insane im insa"
might upload some scans soon if i dont take more fall damage ( ̄ω ̄)
i made some halloween themed designs for artifice and avila. idk what to do for omech guess ill just throw a sheet with holes over them and call it good . also drew a halloween miku and some other things
drawpile is really good and nice and fun when you wanna draw with your friends except 90% of the time i just draw things like this

im gonna put refs of my ocs on the char page today just as placeholders aka whatever good art i have of them lol (・ω・)
when you are given an opportunity you must TAKE it

non-euclidean anime girls (wip)

well that is finished now. put in fanart log 3 and it will also go on tumblr hee hee. here is a cool progress gif thing because people make those sometimes

hello Yes i am being Productive. Yes

w.i.p of emo beefsteak

gonna make a tumblr and replace my twitter link on the main page with that... (?) though it wont be deleted or anything hee hee. ill probably put a link to my twitter in my tumblr desc or. something mayybeee ( ̄▽ ̄)
crunchy snipping tool doodle done while semi-paying-attention-to another old movie

aside from watching black and white horror movies from 5000 years ago, i actually HAVE been drawing (just not digitally), and though i always like to draw artifice and avila, i have been wanting to draw my other ocs............... (namely because of said black and white horror movies) ............
i want to be PRODUCTIVE and do something like DRAW or anything but that is. not very easy being on 500 different post-surgery meds . hmmm i think i will [dies]
i may be stupid
i actually want to turn this into a real papercraft but we will See
[listens to stephen duffy's 'kiss me' in my pitch black bathroom shower as the water drips and echoes off the walls resonating with my emanating void of a person]
[proceeds to draw on paper after saying i would do digital art] ah yes it is 3am

spent a bit over 5 or 6 hours making artifice do the shin takarajima dance. i am not an animator so i dont know how i'm not dead yet . heheheheheheheeeehheheehheeheheheheeohohohhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

i would like to do some more digital art sometime in the next 6 days if shin takarajima leaves me alone for 5 minutes
i havent done anything even remotely productive but at least im drawing in my notebook . kind of
"oh shit this juice is bangin yo" "its paint asshole" (i drew something on my tablet for once and its this. [oc art log 5]

pokemon BW is somehow already 10 years old yet i can very vividly remember standing in line to pick up my pre-order ..... N is also still actively one of my fav characters somehow . please heelp me find my boy he has been missing for 10 yeear.s
shadows in persona are literally so fucking funny what the hell is a "bambino" ? why are there 5 variations of bambinos? why is a floating shadow mask ball named "rainy sister 3" ? ?? HU?H???
jack frost: hee ho. pyro jack: [nodding] hee hoe.
i might have possibly bought P4G on steam and have been doing nothing but playing it for the past 3 days . i will probably draw fanart or something if it doesnt keep rotting my brain!
gonna upload some scans today hee hee hee hee. [does a little dance]

ok decided not to upload scans yet because i havent filled out the back side of the notebook page yet. however i have drawn artice as asuka so this is fine . [oc log 5]
i tell myself i will draw or work on important things then mess around in premiere for 6 hours . ah yes. such is life...
duvet by boa hits different at 2am when you just woke up from a dream where you watched an anime character play club penguin card-jitsu

might fuck around and rewatch starred wars
im ordering some stuff and so far its .... only keychains . thats it ! just keychains! yea!
im not sure how its already september 3rd thatseee. kinda spooky. i rearranged some of my figures this morning and put a couple out (found cramped spots for them on my shelves)....

also context YES i have anime figures . i have a lot of merch and collectable thingiesss everywherrere. (in general) yea..............
chulip was a really neat funky game, so im excited to experience moon! also i am (hopefully) starting work on avilas portrait.... though it will probably take me 50 years to finish it (lol)

are we playing mabinogi in 2020 for the first time in 12 years? ....................... yes
its september now i guess also i started watcheingg "gosick" or whateevr the heck . i juste need smthing to watch everyday so i dont lose my mind hee hee. also i drew artifice back to the future i might make it a digital art eventually or something . my phone camera's color temperature either makes things look 5000 years old or like they are underwater

happy birtdhday miku you are 13 year old wow !!1111 also its 3am and i find out a new haruhi novel just . got announced this is very Cool will probably draw birthddya miku or something
rewatched back to the future for th second time in a row except with frieends....... i want to draw artifice back to the future !!111 XD
why does fate hate me everytime i try to do something productivieeve fate goes "hee hee!" in a funny little clown voice MY SCANNER is NOt workingg!!!!!!!

it worked for 5 seconds then died though considering its from the windows 8 era its a miracle it was working still in the first place!!! i guess i am going to have to somehow use my printer AGAIn..

ok scans are uploaded hee hee hee.
time is an enigma and also i am uploading scans today ..... yee haw
OK it seems i died yesterday and today i have to go to the scary people who look at your skull bones while being uncomfortably close to your face hee hee .
i made fudge brownies this morning . i am going to scan stuff today hee hee.

i actually finished filling up the page this morning, and i redrew one of my old ocs as well.... i'll probably scan it soonish lol
my cat keeps sitting on my notebook for some reason, and it smeared the pencil a bit somehow ?? ? ? ???? i dont want to pick her up and move her, though..... (she really likes sitting on it for some reason... i read before that cats like to try and mimic their owners actions so that's why they sit on computers and other stuff?)

also completely unrelated to anything else but i tried to draw artifice in vrchat and........... well

wip filling this page with stuff... once its full i wiiiiilllll scan it and it'll all go in the oc logs....

the basic layout and html stuff of the lore page is done, however even though i have lore written down, i'd like to work on my chara page more before i start on lore entries... i'll eventually have a proper portrait for all of my characters, but for now i think i'll just slap whatever good fullish(?) art i have of them onto a page and label it as "W.I.P"! (i also want to rearrange the chara page today and fix the categories a bit...

I suddenly feel an urge to make a shimeji. i dont know why ! my brain is just constantly in 2011 mode....
i'm going to be working on the "lore" page today! i'd like to get it done today if the html and stuff isnt too hard lol
krof and noops doodle, i havent drawn them in a long time ..... i'll probably do portraits of them after avila and omech ...

I have a lot of rough comic page sketches/ideas as well as a lot of dialouge/story written/drawn out for future projects.... for now they are just sitting there vibing ....
August 15th every year is always nice not just because of the overwhelming number of kagepro fanarts, but also because it usually goes to the top trending on every site all of a sudden, and everyone else is just, "Huh? Eh?!!?!?! Whats this?!!". Ultimately, it leads to more and more people getting sucked into it every year. It's one of those things that people will never forget ! (o^▽^o)
I would like to draw fanart for august 15 however i have a minimal amount of braincells so i'm not sure if it'll be a big fancy thing...... e
accidentally spent all day yesterday in unity . hee hee . i am going to actually start working on it now (*・ω・)

i finished the character page html and also added a fullbody reference to Artifice's page.... hee hoo

up at 2am playing mmos because uhhhhhhhhhhhhhgfgggfhfghghgfgghfgghfgfgf (i want to finish html for the character page today if i can also w)
the portrait will be done today!! i am doing the colors and.... stuff .
the portrait is Done after 500 years .... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa . i might try to animate the eyes tommorow or whenever we will seee .
I was going to say "hey why isnt this fitting into the container right" then realized i didnt crop the image. you can give me my clown certification now
im sloth and still havent finished and i was going to this morning then forgot PSO2NA is coming out today ........ oh no

it seems i have somehow completed the lineart (though i need to fix one specific thing later)

unsure of how i am going to go about including his fishbowl, may possibly make it disappear on hover or smthing idk lol also it is a strange feeling to finally have a decent(?) fullbody official art for your character ! (yes i did fullbody anyways bcuz im a dumbass)
[sea shanty 2 faintly plays in the background] lineart lineart lineart lineart
aasa,.ddfg,.d.x.sf,.sdf,.sfdd.,gdf,ghh,.cf.,.hgrdh if i have to redraw this again im going to die. i wont even have a death animation i'll just vanish completely off the face of the earth . i will just Die

(still messing around with perspective and proportionss.ss.e.e heck .

I was about to ask why there were so many chars in bunny outfits on my feed then i remembered its bunny day . i might doodle somebody in a bunny outfit today at some point but for now i am (Death)
i technically finished the lineart so i will touch it up and edit proportions/whatever things later today or tomorrow.... then i can go feral with coloring
⯀08-01-2020 its august now, stay away from trucks, black cats, and construction sites! (also i want to try and start on the portrait today, we will seeee .)
it is 4AM (thats it) i want to be able to draw soon (after being sick)

i should probably have some sort of mascot character or something (ill probably sketch ideas out while taking breaks from the portraits)
wip mascot idea

i feel so sick that in my sick brain-melted daze i created a new oc based on being sick GOdd we live in a fuckigng gg society !!!!

i cant draw today

I'm going to start redrawing the portrait soon, (and also maybe start on other ones) but I'm thinking about the pose... I wonder if I should make all portraits the same pose/view just to make it easier, or if I should try to give them all somewhat of a unique pose...? I feel like the latter would look better but would take more work (Though I'll probably go with that) ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

I have a text document with name/word ideas for future OC's and concepts... (most of them are mispelled words or backward words lol) I also have a lot of design ideas/references... and lore/species/etc. info written down... eventually it will be on a page somewhere (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

I think it's just the natural fate of all LGBTQ+ people to like lemon demon/neil cicirega . (this seems to be widely acknowledged too)

I don't think I will make the portraits full body, though I'm going to include reference pictures on characters page (that will have a full body ref, but it wont be all fancy)
ah yes we are faced with a new artist crisis: how to draw an interesting pose for your character that is still in a "neutral" position


i just wanted to play animal crossing to escape reality i never asked for this

I'm wondering if I should provide a japanese translation for all my posts or just the important ones...


I'm also thinking about updating the About page and condensing some rules and stuff to be simpler, and also I want to redraw Artifice's portrait again... It seems like no matter how many times I draw it, I will want to redraw it eventually orzzz...

Also, it seems like you get a lot of nice comments on Pixiv! They make me very happy (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

また、Pixivでのコメントがとても届きやすいですね! とても嬉しいです (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
art is finally finished and it probably took me over 15 hours so hee hoo. (put finished art in fanart log 2) here is a lineless version (bonus)!

i have around 6,079 episodes of anime on my computer... about 406 GB worth... i cant bring myself to delete them just in case the apocalypse happens and i want to watch Cowboy Bebop in an underground bunker (its OK though because i have lots of storage space) (´・ᴗ・ ` ) (also working on drawing at 5AM)

trying to figure out how to draw legs without them looking too realistic but also have them look like actual legs and be stylized at the same time..... oh no
w.i.p meeku

lineart done(?) now i sleep for 50 years

trying to figure out how to draw legs without them looking too realistic but also have them look like actual legs and be stylized at the same time..... oh no
trying to figure out how to draw legs without them looking too realistic but also have them look like actual legs and be stylized at the same time..... oh no
Its been 5 years today since siinamota/powapowaP/Ryo Mizoguchi passed away. I hope he's resting in peace. I wish that his words found the person he loved so much. (If they haven't found them yet somehow, then one day they will.) 椎名もた/ぽわぽわP/溝口遼さんが亡くなってから今日で5年が経ちました。ご冥福をお祈りします。彼が愛した人が彼の言葉を見つけてくれたらいいなと思います。どういうわけか、まだ見つかっていないのであれば、そのうちに。 (失礼な言い方をしていたらごめんなさい。DeepLを使いました。)
i still havent fully processed that smt3 hd got announced AND we got smt5 news . i saw comments and posts talking about it and i thought "oh haha thats so funny. very funny another smt5 news joke" then it turned out to be REAL? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? i cannot process. this still .
wip(?) will eventually become digital art but for now i die

arrested for waking up at 3am to draw hot anime dads
the best persona 3 character is giant fat alleyway cat. it isn't a debate, everyone can 100% agree on this . where is my fat alleyway cat social link atlus (edit: https://twitter.com/morg_anas/status/1134976197006364674?s=20) this fat cat. fat cat . fat. fat

it is 2AM and for some reason i have decided to finish my drawing at this time (* ̄▽ ̄)b
(wip) true purgatory is drawing something on paper and thinking "oh this is pretty good" then taking a picture and not having the picture look as good as the art in real life . an even truer hell is turning it into digital art and still liking the initial sketch or paper drawing more.how do i escape

(wip) how many hours has it been ? two? three? i am trapped i cannot escape i am ミクの永劫囚人

i think peak ADHD is thinking "oh hell yea im gonna be a digital artist" then getting an expensive cintiq to draw on and never using it. however i also think it would be very hard to draw on a tablet if you have no proper desk chair, which just so happens to be something i indeed do not have. goal: get a proper desk chair
just realized for the entirety of last month i forgot to change the '5' to a '6' so it looks like i was stuck in a time loop. that is definitely not something that happened. also i am definitely not dead or anything just very, very lazy. also have been very interested in a yellow clay moon head person recently
i drew boobs today, i think thats pretty blog-worthy
( ˙▿˙ ) ????? why

I am 100% not dead, my brain is just deciding on what to work on next orz.... (I should probably draw more char portraits)
Recreating old ocs instead of working on portraits or my site... my brain is definitely, 100%, running on at least 2 braincells =w=
I'm almost done watching Card Captor Sakura, and almost done re-watching Utena! However, I've been in a little TRIGGER mood recently, so I drew a Ryuuko (o・ω・o) I also doodled a neocities cat gijinka because I was bored...

Artifices character page is pretty much done, I just need to add reference images, friends, and the description! (And also his icon to the actual Character directory....) I have been feeling pretty productive today, so I'm sure I will get lots of things done in the coming days! (╯✧▽✧)╯
Time to start working on character pages!!! I'm pretty anxious about doing them, but only really because I'm not good at HTML.. I would like them to look a very specific way, and it'll probably be really hard to do(?). Nonetheless, they will Happen(tm)!
The world is pretty crazy right now!!! If you are a person of color, stay safe!!! (I have still been drawing, but mostly just playing games... I still haven't started on my character pages orz.... I will probably start working on them before the 15th!)
I have been playing a lot of Terraria again lately!!! The last time I played it was a very long time ago ... I am definitely going to start work on my character pages soon though!!! (Definitely... orz)
I was going to put the character portraits/info/bio/etc. in modals so it'd be easy to see all of them w/o going to another page and also save storage space but . it turns out modals are incredibly dumb and complicated, (or very limited) and I cant get a sidebar in a modal (?) or google is just being an idiot! I guess I'll just have to make individual pages for each damn character... ( ̄ヘ ̄)
I wish I could draw faster, its very tiresome sometimes trying to draw art especially if its for my site... drawing portraits is going to take me a long time, huh.... orz (Though its mainly just because I'm a perfectionist)
I (finally) made a blog to post about things I'm doing or. Whatever besides my site updates! (I guess I might also post pictures or drawings here, I'm not sure yet!!!) Anyway Hatsune Miku is our lord and saviour, that is all! (Cat/Cow animorph picture is for testing, ignore)

I played through all of Xenoblade 1 last month, and I finished Xenoblade 2 half a week ago...! These anime games are very insane and silly and I like them very much! I will probably start 3 after finishing the Torna DLC!

113.5 hours, all achievements, I'm going to die if I don't find another 100+ hour JRPG to ward away my inevitable existential turmoil !! Hyuuuu.

I actually caught one that was 170cm after this... not as difficutl as P4Gs fishing

what the hell is a funyarinpa...

Even at the end of the game, Yusuke continues....

Can't believe Little Inferno got new DLC after so many years... I replayed World of Goo in about 9 hours... and now I'm replaying fireplace game a bit before I play P5R again... I am definitely not putting it off on purpose.

Playing through the final [final] palace... if not only post-Persona depression I will also have pre-post Persona depression because of this lore. It feels much more different actually playing through it myself instead of watching the gameplay like I did years ago.... the architecture and design is still really good...

Close to finishing this game[?]... just like with Persona 4, I don't want to, but it must be done... screenshot dump!

Certified autistic moment #436

Akiren copying Futaba...

They knew what they were doing...

I wish I captured this entire dance bit... break it down woo yeah woo yeah !

How do I get this in real life???

No lexy in P5R... sad....

This keeps happening when I eat ramen and spaghetti... but through the fog I will see the light...! [The sause]

Rats, rats, we are the rats.... we are cheesed to meet you

Finally reached my birthday in-game after beating Jeff Peezos [Bacon edition]... the end is nigh...

Stupid pictures of the little gay autistic people in my computer. Pspspspspspsppsp

It's OK ATLUS, you can just call them autistic... it's okay...

futaba jumpscare [reverse jumpscare]

And then they drank some weird juice in a bathhouse together [steamy]

Reaching Futaba arc brings good feelings. I am cringe, but I am free...

Don't know how to explain but every confidant rank [I keep forgetting they're not social links anymore] with Akechi has some weird gay chemistry. It is just In The Air. Are you mad? are you angry? are you seething right now??? do you wanna beat me up?? would you kiss me

Can't believe Water won the splatfest... and two categories not even by a full 1%... well, it was fun either way. And now we get Big Run! And... more content! Anyway here are my Splat stats... I won a few 10x battles but never any 100x. Lots of tricolor wins though...

Level 49 Rank S+3 [win/lose ratio is usually around 28-20 or something] Profreshional +3 60 Catalog Lv. 45 [3rd Catalog] Grass Ruler +4 207302 Open Clout [no 100x] 24117 Pro Clout

Morgana can be annoying sometimes but overall they feel like a little sibling... do I think they deserve pets? Yes! Would I also punt them into orbit? Probably!

Meow? [I like him still]

I like how before the main characters/social links get introduced, you see them in the background or environment... it's a nice touch. Also oh my god there is so much to do in this game? Exploding enemies? Crossword?? DVDs??? LAUNDRY???? I HAVE TO WASH EQUIPMENT??? Insane! What's next...

I may be stupid...

Emotional damage... I think when I finished this game when I was younger, I spent over 5 hours searching the entire world map for N and cried...?! LOLw. Also actually seeing White Forest not abandoned is nice. [Finished the game in 19 hours]

Sometimes you just have to replay the entirety of PkMn B/W and B/W2 in a month. You know, get those not-ROM creatures and transfer them into PkMn HOME through a convoluted and annoying process... Imagine if half of my favourite PkMn aren't even allowed in the new games again. Limited PkMn roster ha ha ha

Current illness statistics

A lot of matches end like this frustratingly... and there continues to be COMMUNICATION ERROR, DISCONNECT, etc. etc.

So far these might be the best titles I've seen, but also makes me wonder what kind of fucking titles did they make available in this game...???

Continuing chronic Sci;Adv brainrot finally...

Can't think of any other way to show how chronic of a Gamer I have become over the weekend. I havent played this game in 4 years, and then suddenly...?

Was also playing this weird demon game where you don't actually reject one more god or something. I love Dune. "gnc as fuck" as the kids would say

Played this artists RPGMaker game... it was nice!

Also got this game to work finally after getting a controller with gyro... noby noby...

Finished the 3rd part of this series along with the 'DLC'... feels like my brain got hit with an OFF add-on and was sent into the 50th dimension to (metaphorically) burn in contemplation over existence until Avraton II comes out in Zorptober 2084. I'd like to create something with a similar effect...? [Indie dev thoughts pt. 42]

Not actually playing this because I am Busy but may have learned how to finally get this on PC. 13 Sentinels my beloved...

Playing that mental illness internet culture streaming game where you can do Things I guess.

I think this may be my favourite random daily message.

The random comments unintentionally make this funny LOLWww.


Yeah that's a Haruuhiism right there...

And that's a Sci;Adv?!

I'm losing my mind over these replies. Yes this is definitely how you deal with Mental Illness, trust me, I'm an engineer


OK but besides the funny bits of text and whatever else, I actually like the themes this game goes into and portrays, I've had a few introvert internet friends say it gets a bit real sometimes... "I half see myself in her and it scares me. oh no" "uh oh I see me in it too and I'm not even that bad off", I guess there are certain aspects of having mental illness and being an introverted internet nerd that just resonate...

Metroid looks different from what I remember... also I may have 100%'d this game by accident, mayhaps. [Addiction]

Ah yes, I love playing the fabled 'Elden Ring' like all the other gamers right now. Have yet to see the 'Dog?' that is so often mentioned .

Advocate for diversity: Mommy Amaterasu.

I spit out my fucking chocolate milk

I beat Okami, I think I did a good enough job to keep my gamer certification...


I resonate with this very deeply, also if this gets put on something important again, I might just die.

If this were Animal Crossing, I would've internally screamed to the gods

Almost done with this game... I love how when you use the bloom technique on grass with animals nearby, they will all flock to it... my heart is filled with the power of Cute Bunnies.

I have not used this in awhile Wow. Anyway playing Okami, I did not realize that the doodle you make in the cave for the Imp mask gets put on the city walls... help

I suppose Amaterasus artistic impact on NIPPON:tm: is now being graffiti'd for the sake of... evil energy forces.

DELTARUNE CHAPTER 2 SPOILERS [one day I will add spoiler images to my blog but not today eeeeeeeeeeeeelolw]
kiwami Japan?? Did Toby binge kiwami japan videos??

Noelle went splat... [also I wonder if the medical themes connect to their dad, somehow...]

Ah Yes Susie that is Definitely how you eat Cotten Candy Correctly Yes Great Job

[Singular mario paint cat noise] Toby nailed the #AD vibe. I hope whoever sprited this NPC is doing alright.[?]

[stock explosion sfx] You Do Not Do Crazy Things Like "Have Opinions". LMAO I want to drink battery Acid

Gamerphobic Queen? very sad to see this kind of Gamer portrayal in Toby's game will be expecting a full refund of 0 currency......

I wish I captured Kris getting annihilated by annoying dog in toddler car. Everything happened too quickly..... [theres probably 50 videos of it on the internet though lolw]
I like this Guy.

You think you're the big cheese?

I GAME OVER'd, came back, and ran into a wild Nat Geo documentary waiting to happen.

I am very close to switching to Genocide Route:tm: just to destroy Berdly, however they are also The Funny so I think I will Restrain Myself. [I LOVE MOUSE]

Tell me, Kris... do you fantasize about killing me? About selling my copy of Diablo II for Windows 2k for a ridiculously overpriced amount of currency on E-bay?

Why does the game keep mentioning chicken around Berdly... sorry even if Berdly is edible I Do Not want to consume the Gamer Duck thank you

Potassium [.flow music plays]

I'm just a little Worm. a little Slime. you don't have to [[Call me out]] like that.


Door stuck door stuck etc. etc.

NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [dramatic star wars music plays, crowd crying, critics salting, Tem is there, peace and love on planet earth etc. etc.]


I am completely convinced Toby was addicted to kiwami japan's videos at some point. You cannot tell me otherwise, you cannot convince me, the evidence is Right There, it is the Truth.

Lancer maybe if you stopped calling characters 'Lesser Dad' and 'Mom' we could have peace and love on planet earth [does the same thing]

I think Toby's writing ability has improved tenfold because the dialouge in this game has been making me choke every 5 lines or so

Wow can't believe we are now cosplaying 'The Batter' from the hit RPGMAKER game OFF by Mortis Ghost in which you also ride a duck Also the way it smushed into the hand...

"Kris Get The Banana" -Kanaya hamstunk

I like how the ducks fell in love. Beautiful................

No, actually

Berdly has no rights, Berdly is not protected under the constitution. if you are Berdly i WILL find you and then you will be sorry b

Susie you can't just land on Ralsei, T-Pose and then act like everything is fine, that's not allowed.......
I did it, somehow. [couldnt beat Jevil years ago, though...] That dialouge near the entrance/exit was pretty suspicious. "Yes" "No" haha did Kris yell haha What

Me observing my OC's and favourite characters. [as seen on TV]

I wanted to drink some... [goes out to buy Kool-Aid the hit drink (Ages 3 and Up)]

I don't know if I can survive 3-5 more parts of Deltarune if this keeps up.

Wow, we have so much in common [looks at smudged writing on hand] Virovirokun

Oh Okay how do I give up then

Are you telling me they didn't know this entire time.... what... [But how does Ralsei know that lore, actually, wait]

Nice Enoch cosplay susie

Tem talking normally for a second... THIS WORLD IS FAKE!!!! LET ME OUT!!!! [MATRIX MUSIC PLAYING]

me too [oblivious]

...please bounce him [pleading]

Please I am Begging you i am Crying out i am On my Knees right now

Damn they better change that switch ESRB rating then, huh... a bit too spicy for the Kids wouldn't you say

I don't remember if this was here last time or not and thought of OMORI right away...

I don't know how dust bunny is defying the laws of reality to broom but I'm proud of them.. you go for it...

SANS MOM FUCKER IS CANON?????? I mean there was that joke in chapter 1 but I didn't think. I. oh....................................................................................................... ah

Duality of Stacking

[gay moment]

Low-fi hi-fi hip hop cop beats to scream and run to while you escape prison 24/7 chill stream

dancing new sensation revving up the nation doing the freak call now 1900490freak

Well I just screamed very loudly [internally] what the actual fucking fuck in the fuck of fucked fucks. What... what... what.. what? What? Hello? Hello? WhaT? What? What? What did they do? what did they just do? what? WHAT?

Game is finished, spam has ceased. peace has returned. Maybe I will draw deltarune fanart or something, mayhaps, who knows ohohohhoho [stock explosion sfx] [[artblocked]]

I have finished a handful of games the past three months...! [And have dragged other people into Zero Escape and Sci;Adv hell] Nier Replicant has been finished... -NEO- Twewy is halfway theeeereeeee. Livin' on a prayeeerr. Nagi is good. Purple Futaba but coded differently. [spoiler]Turns out I was right about the 'neku being beat' theory lolw

Nagi speaks like a dark sith lord [chuuni](?)

I also started reading Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa [LOL who read VNs am i right] but then Deltarune ch. 2 came out... Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I kept my save files from three years ago solely for this day...! I don't know how I had 730 minutes in game, though... I wish there was a window size option... orz. [Can't take gif screenshots]
DELTARUNE CHAPTER 2 spoiler warning [obviously]
Dust bunny light of my li fe... fire of my l o ins.... you ARE my star ... you aret he only One . You........

The save messages this time around are funkier.. ooh yeah
"Such is the life of worm" Said the worm, eating the Ralsei mannequin... [also I didnt choose to take a bite out of it...]
In my humble opinion I think, maybe, perhaps, mayhaps, that Susie should see a dietitian
Please get out I Did Not ask for That . Please Get Out
Why ?

I hope you're having fun being an inventory shimeji you stupid blue pinecone

...And my work is never finished.
HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN...? [it was a[n annoying] dog doing doughnuts, apparently.]
STUPID -> BIG stupid

My little Meow meows ..... prrrrbrbrbrbrbrbrrr.

The two Internet options, very accurate game so far thanks Toby
Jet Set Radio OC's

I hope Nubert becomes a main character I think they deserve it after letting them borrow their Treasure
Meow meow city... I recognize it from the teaser image toby posted last year(?)

Death star [nier version]

Time to go into the blender! brrrrrrrrrrr

So cute! Sibling love

OMG Nier look I found this KAINE for sale at Wal-Mart [takes Kaine off the shelf]

The Gang about to enact Revenge!


yes, she is honestly that insane

this makes for a great out of context screenshot

i HATE this game it doesn't work correctly. [smashes a petrification over my own head] ahhh that doesn't feel better i think i'll go to bed now. at least Big Nier :tm: is here now

Grandpa you're not allowed to break the fourth wall!! This is a video game!! what do you think you're doing HUH???

Emil you forgot to turn on rendering for texture in your unity project house


she is just... she is just laying there.

ive already done over 2 hours worth of BACK FORTH BACK FORTH sidequests but it's worth it for the unique dialouge

kaine: i am allowed to say FUCK weiss: you will RESPECT me. i am a luxury few can afford

So excited to start playing Depression:tm: the game!!!

pp. pogge. pgpiigiegogoeoege. . . onk ioiknk

so excited to listen to gramps-san [ancient book edition] be an old person for 35 hrs


omg kyaaaa it's ryuuujiiiiii!!!!

hopefully this will not be me this summer .

IM NOT CRYING...... anyway time to find a new game to waste 35+ hrs of my life on!!! the audio of sophia/kuon laughing together at the end though,,,,,,,,, im not crying

ryuji please don't sell me expired Fun Dip:tm: from the 90's

the theme of this game is that collective gramps-san bullying should be allowed
a night for The Boys .......................

breaking ryuji's spine part 2 the sequel

ah yes, a very inconspicuous place to hide your talking cat, akira

this jail is very pretty. its also very fun to have gramps-san along for the ride now. grandpa no longer grandpappy. grandpappy want REVENGE.


what has this world come to..............

sophia it seems we have a mutual understanding of life itself

three bros sitting 4 ft apart in a ferris wheel having a bro moment.

a perfect way to snap somebodys spine in half!

heeee hawwww.

if i hear one more hee ho joke/pun i'm going to die. thats it
this is just where i post Funny Moments:tm: screenshots now, Huh

the 'gramps-san' fucking killed me

sometimes i can still hear his voice (gay, gay, homosexual, gay, gay,)

i can't believe atlus turned ryoji into a snowman........

the best thing about this game so far is 1.) sophia 2.) you can skateboard 3.) sophia 4.) sophia

do you like your eggs scrambled or striked ?

testing gamer blog