☁ kleine/クライネ
Hello! My name is kleine. I like to create and draw things. I have been creating stuff since I was very young, but only recently started drawing consistently as of early 2016. I hope you enjoy my work! About Me
⯈ Birthday: December 4th
⯈ Age: 13.799±0.021 billion years
⯈ Gender: Nonbinary
⯈ Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual
⯈ Brain: Very depressed, very anxious, very autistic. ADHD stole ...all of my braincells

Terms of Use / Rules

1.) Don't claim my art as your own or as others art! This rule applies to all other rules. This rule includes copying, stealing, or selling my concepts or characters. You must credit me! "Credit to the artist" is not credit! Plz dont break this rule i dont wanna go after you lol (See below)


- Sharing a direct link to the art or post
- Sharing a link to my social media or site

- "Credit to the artist" is not credit!!
- Typing my username/site name into the post and not linking (Ex. "Credit to kleine")
- Using a #tag to credit me (Ex. #fluoridechemocleine.
Using tags in your post is OK and encouraged!!! Just... not for credit)

2.) Don't upload my art to other sites!(Ex. Twitter, Instagram) It's OK to share my art with others, but ONLY through messaging programs or apps. (Ex. Discord, Twitter DM's, Skype) If you can, I would like it if you shared a direct link to the art in question! (Link to tweet, page, image or post)

3.) Saving my art is OK! Using my art for a profile picture/icon is OK WITH CREDIT! (Credit only needed if used on social media like Twitter! No credit needed for message apps/programs like Skype or Discord as long as you don't claim as your own.)

4.) Editing art for profile pictures/icons, wallpapers, memes, whatever is OK as long as there is no major changes and credit is given! Things that are OK: Putting emoji around character, erasing background, putting glasses, text, sparkle, changing hue or color, putting characters face on another image, etc. Things that are NOT OK: Covering majority of the art, changing art to where it is unrecognizeable, or drawing over art/using art as a base.

5.) Associating my concepts or characters with hateful imagery is not allowed in ANY FORM! TW: Click here for examples! If you have any questions of what is OK to include or draw, feel free to send me an ask on CuriousCat!

6.) Drawing my concepts or characters with other OCs, series, or characters is OK!!! Parodies are OK, but please credit me and the other artist if applicable! However, please make sure these characters do not break rule #5. Shipping my characters with OCs is OK as long as the character profile allows it. TW:Click here for examples!

7.) Drawing my concepts or characters in R-18 situations isn't allowed. Risque situations or concepts is OK. Artistic nudity is OK, but has rules: TW:Click here for examples! (Blood and gore are OK, but not to an extreme level. You must put cw/trigger warnings on your post or art.)

Requests/Commissions Info: Currently, I don't do commissions, but I accept drawing suggestions/ideas! If you'd like to send a suggestion, clickHere!

CuriousCat Rules: I really like to answer questions, so don't be afraid to send one!!! I will answer questions that do not pertain to my characters or content as well! (Ex. What is your favorite anime?) All rules here apply (Especially #5.) Do not send hateful content or harassment! You will be ignored.

DO NOT INTERACT with me or my content if you fit regular DFI criteria, please! (If you don't know what DFI criteria is, just google lol)