i made some halloween themed designs for artifice and avila. idk what to do for omech guess ill just throw a sheet with holes over them and call it good . also drew a halloween miku and some other things ⯀10-15-2020
drawpile is really good and nice and fun when you wanna draw with your friends except 90% of the time i just draw things like this

im gonna put refs of my ocs on the char page today just as placeholders aka whatever good art i have of them lol (・ω・)

when you are given an opportunity you must TAKE it

non-euclidean anime girls (wip)

well that is finished now. put in fanart log 3 and it will also go on tumblr hee hee. here is a cool progress gif thing because people make those sometimes

hello Yes i am being Productive. Yes

w.i.p of emo beefsteak

gonna make a tumblr and replace my twitter link on the main page with that... (?) though it wont be deleted or anything hee hee. ill probably put a link to my twitter in my tumblr desc or. something mayybeee ( ̄▽ ̄) ⯀10-06-2020
crunchy snipping tool doodle done while semi-paying-attention-to another old movie

aside from watching black and white horror movies from 5000 years ago, i actually HAVE been drawing (just not digitally), and though i always like to draw artifice and avila, i have been wanting to draw my other ocs............... (namely because of said black and white horror movies) ............ ⯀10-03-2020
i want to be PRODUCTIVE and do something like DRAW or anything but that is. not very easy being on 500 different post-surgery meds . hmmm i think i will [dies] ⯀09-30-2020
i may be stupid

i actually want to turn this into a real papercraft but we will See ⯀09-28-2020
[listens to stephen duffy's 'kiss me' in my pitch black bathroom shower as the water drips and echoes off the walls resonating with my emanating void of a person] ⯀09-24-2020
[proceeds to draw on paper after saying i would do digital art] ah yes it is 3am

spent a bit over 5 or 6 hours making artifice do the shin takarajima dance. i am not an animator so i dont know how i'm not dead yet . heheheheheheheeeehheheehheeheheheheeohohohhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

FASTER! ⯀09-23-2020
i would like to do some more digital art sometime in the next 6 days if shin takarajima leaves me alone for 5 minutes ⯀09-17-2020
i havent done anything even remotely productive but at least im drawing in my notebook . kind of

"oh shit this juice is bangin yo" "its paint asshole" (i drew something on my tablet for once and its this. [oc art log 5]

pokemon BW is somehow already 10 years old yet i can very vividly remember standing in line to pick up my pre-order ..... N is also still actively one of my fav characters somehow . please heelp me find my boy he has been missing for 10 yeear.s ⯀09-15-2020
shadows in persona are literally so fucking funny what the hell is a "bambino" ? why are there 5 variations of bambinos? why is a floating shadow mask ball named "rainy sister 3" ? ?? HU?H??? ⯀09-14-2020
jack frost: hee ho. pyro jack: [nodding] hee hoe. ⯀09-12-2020
i might have possibly bought P4G on steam and have been doing nothing but playing it for the past 3 days . i will probably draw fanart or something if it doesnt keep rotting my brain! ⯀09-09-2020
gonna upload some scans today hee hee hee hee. [does a little dance]

ok decided not to upload scans yet because i havent filled out the back side of the notebook page yet. however i have drawn artice as asuka so this is fine . [oc log 5] ⯀09-08-2020
i tell myself i will draw or work on important things then mess around in premiere for 6 hours . ah yes. such is life... ⯀09-07-2020
duvet by boa hits different at 2am when you just woke up from a dream where you watched an anime character play club penguin card-jitsu

might fuck around and rewatch starred wars ⯀09-04-2020
im ordering some stuff and so far its .... only keychains . thats it ! just keychains! yea!

i feel attacked

im not sure how its already september 3rd thatseee. kinda spooky. i rearranged some of my figures this morning and put a couple out (found cramped spots for them on my shelves)....

also context YES i have anime figures . i have a lot of merch and collectable thingiesss everywherrere. (in general) yea.............. ⯀09-02-2020
chulip was a really neat funky game, so im excited to experience moon! also i am (hopefully) starting work on avilas portrait.... though it will probably take me 50 years to finish it (lol)

are we playing mabinogi in 2020 for the first time in 12 years? ....................... yes ⯀09-01-2020
its september now i guess also i started watcheingg "gosick" or whateevr the heck . i juste need smthing to watch everyday so i dont lose my mind hee hee. also i drew artifice back to the future i might make it a digital art eventually or something . my phone camera's color temperature either makes things look 5000 years old or like they are underwater

happy birtdhday miku you are 13 year old wow !!1111 also its 3am and i find out a new haruhi novel just . got announced this is very Cool will probably draw birthddya miku or something ⯀08-30-2020
rewatched back to the future for th second time in a row except with frieends....... i want to draw artifice back to the future !!111 XD ⯀08-29-2020
why does fate hate me everytime i try to do something productivieeve fate goes "hee hee!" in a funny little clown voice MY SCANNER is NOt workingg!!!!!!!

it worked for 5 seconds then died though considering its from the windows 8 era its a miracle it was working still in the first place!!! i guess i am going to have to somehow use my printer AGAIn..

ok scans are uploaded hee hee hee. ⯀08-27-2020
time is an enigma and also i am uploading scans today ..... yee haw ⯀08-25-2020
OK it seems i died yesterday and today i have to go to the scary people who look at your skull bones while being uncomfortably close to your face hee hee . ⯀08-23-2020
i made fudge brownies this morning . i am going to scan stuff today hee hee.
i actually finished filling up the page this morning, and i redrew one of my old ocs as well.... i'll probably scan it soonish lol ⯀08-21-2020
my cat keeps sitting on my notebook for some reason, and it smeared the pencil a bit somehow ?? ? ? ???? i dont want to pick her up and move her, though..... (she really likes sitting on it for some reason... i read before that cats like to try and mimic their owners actions so that's why they sit on computers and other stuff?)

also completely unrelated to anything else but i tried to draw artifice in vrchat and........... well

wip filling this page with stuff... once its full i wiiiiilllll scan it and it'll all go in the oc logs.... ⯀08-19-2020
the basic layout and html stuff of the lore page is done, however even though i have lore written down, i'd like to work on my chara page more before i start on lore entries... i'll eventually have a proper portrait for all of my characters, but for now i think i'll just slap whatever good fullish(?) art i have of them onto a page and label it as "W.I.P"! (i also want to rearrange the chara page today and fix the categories a bit...

I suddenly feel an urge to make a shimeji. i dont know why ! my brain is just constantly in 2011 mode.... ⯀08-18-2020
i'm going to be working on the "lore" page today! i'd like to get it done today if the html and stuff isnt too hard lol ⯀08-16-2020
krof and noops doodle, i havent drawn them in a long time ..... i'll probably do portraits of them after avila and omech ...

I have a lot of rough comic page sketches/ideas as well as a lot of dialouge/story written/drawn out for future projects.... for now they are just sitting there vibing .... ⯀08-15-2020
August 15th every year is always nice not just because of the overwhelming number of kagepro fanarts, but also because it usually goes to the top trending on every site all of a sudden, and everyone else is just, "Huh? Eh?!!?!?! Whats this?!!". Ultimately, it leads to more and more people getting sucked into it every year. It's one of those things that people will never forget ! (o^▽^o) ⯀08-12-2020
I would like to draw fanart for august 15 however i have a minimal amount of braincells so i'm not sure if it'll be a big fancy thing...... e ⯀08-10-2020
accidentally spent all day yesterday in unity . hee hee . i am going to actually start working on it now (*・ω・)

i finished the character page html and also added a fullbody reference to Artifice's page.... hee hoo
up at 2am playing mmos because uhhhhhhhhhhhhhgfgggfhfghghgfgghfgghfgfgf (i want to finish html for the character page today if i can also w) ⯀08-07-2020
the portrait will be done today!! i am doing the colors and.... stuff .

the portrait is Done after 500 years .... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa . i might try to animate the eyes tommorow or whenever we will seee .

I was going to say "hey why isnt this fitting into the container right" then realized i didnt crop the image. you can give me my clown certification now ⯀08-05-2020
im sloth and still havent finished and i was going to this morning then forgot PSO2NA is coming out today ........ oh no

it seems i have somehow completed the lineart (though i need to fix one specific thing later)

unsure of how i am going to go about including his fishbowl, may possibly make it disappear on hover or smthing idk lol also it is a strange feeling to finally have a decent(?) fullbody official art for your character ! (yes i did fullbody anyways bcuz im a dumbass) ⯀08-04-2020
[sea shanty 2 faintly plays in the background] lineart lineart lineart lineart ⯀08-02-2020
aasa,.ddfg,.d.x.sf,.sdf,.sfdd.,gdf,ghh,.cf.,.hgrdh if i have to redraw this again im going to die. i wont even have a death animation i'll just vanish completely off the face of the earth . i will just Die

(still messing around with perspective and proportionss.ss.e.e heck .


I was about to ask why there were so many chars in bunny outfits on my feed then i remembered its bunny day . i might doodle somebody in a bunny outfit today at some point but for now i am (Death)

i technically finished the lineart so i will touch it up and edit proportions/whatever things later today or tomorrow.... then i can go feral with coloring ⯀08-01-2020
its august now, stay away from trucks, black cats, and construction sites! (also i want to try and start on the portrait today, we will seeee .) ⯀07-31-2020
it is 4AM (thats it) i want to be able to draw soon (after being sick)

i should probably have some sort of mascot character or something (ill probably sketch ideas out while taking breaks from the portraits)

wip mascot idea

i feel so sick that in my sick brain-melted daze i created a new oc based on being sick GOdd we live in a fuckigng gg society !!!!

i cant draw today

I'm going to start redrawing the portrait soon, (and also maybe start on other ones) but I'm thinking about the pose... I wonder if I should make all portraits the same pose/view just to make it easier, or if I should try to give them all somewhat of a unique pose...? I feel like the latter would look better but would take more work (Though I'll probably go with that) ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

I have a text document with name/word ideas for future OC's and concepts... (most of them are mispelled words or backward words lol) I also have a lot of design ideas/references... and lore/species/etc. info written down... eventually it will be on a page somewhere (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

I think it's just the natural fate of all LGBTQ+ people to like lemon demon/neil cicirega . (this seems to be widely acknowledged too)

I don't think I will make the portraits full body, though I'm going to include reference pictures on characters page (that will have a full body ref, but it wont be all fancy)

ah yes we are faced with a new artist crisis: how to draw an interesting pose for your character that is still in a "neutral" position


i just wanted to play animal crossing to escape reality i never asked for this

I'm wondering if I should provide a japanese translation for all my posts or just the important ones...
I'm also thinking about updating the About page and condensing some rules and stuff to be simpler, and also I want to redraw Artifice's portrait again... It seems like no matter how many times I draw it, I will want to redraw it eventually orzzz...
Also, it seems like you get a lot of nice comments on Pixiv! They make me very happy (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
また、Pixivでのコメントがとても届きやすいですね! とても嬉しいです (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) ⯀07-26-2020
art is finally finished and it probably took me over 15 hours so hee hoo. (put finished art in fanart log 2) here is a lineless version (bonus)!

i have around 6,079 episodes of anime on my computer... about 406 GB worth... i cant bring myself to delete them just in case the apocalypse happens and i want to watch Cowboy Bebop in an underground bunker (its OK though because i have lots of storage space) (´・ᴗ・ ` ) (also working on drawing at 5AM)

w.i.p meeku

lineart done(?) now i sleep for 50 years

trying to figure out how to draw legs without them looking too realistic but also have them look like actual legs and be stylized at the same time..... oh no ⯀07-23-2020
Its been 5 years today since siinamota/powapowaP/Ryo Mizoguchi passed away. I hope he's resting in peace. I wish that his words found the person he loved so much. (If they haven't found them yet somehow, then one day they will.)
(失礼な言い方をしていたらごめんなさい。DeepLを使いました。) ⯀07-21-2020
i still havent fully processed that smt3 hd got announced AND we got smt5 news . i saw comments and posts talking about it and i thought "oh haha thats so funny. very funny another smt5 news joke" then it turned out to be REAL? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? i cannot process. this still . ⯀07-18-2020
wip(?) will eventually become digital art but for now i die

arrested for waking up at 3am to draw dads ⯀07-15-2020
the best persona 3 character is giant fat alleyway cat. it isn't a debate, everyone can 100% agree on this . where is my fat alleyway cat social link atlus
edit: https://twitter.com/morg_anas/status/1134976197006364674?s=20 fat cat. fat cat . fat. fat

it is 2AM and for some reason i have decided to finish my drawing at this time (* ̄▽ ̄)b ⯀07-13-2020
(wip) true purgatory is drawing something on paper and thinking "oh this is pretty good" then taking a picture and not having the picture look as good as the art in real life . an even truer hell is turning it into digital art and still liking the initial sketch or paper drawing more.how do i escape

(wip) how many hours has it been ? two? three? i am trapped i cannot escape i am ミクの永劫囚人
i think peak ADHD is thinking "oh hell yea im gonna be a digital artist" then getting an expensive cintiq to draw on and never using it. however i also think it would be very hard to draw on a tablet if you have no proper desk chair, which just so happens to be something i indeed do not have. goal: get a proper desk chair ⯀07-08-2020
just realized for the entirety of last month i forgot to change the '5' to a '6' so it looks like i was stuck in a time loop. that is definitely not something that happened. also i am definitely not dead or anything just very, very lazy. also have been very interested in a yellow clay moon head person recently ⯀06-29-2020
i drew boobs today, i think thats pretty blog-worthy ⯀06-26-2020
( ˙▿˙ ) ????? why
I am 100% not dead, my brain is just deciding on what to work on next orz.... (I should probably draw more char portraits) ⯀06-17-2020
Recreating old ocs instead of working on portraits or my site... my brain is definitely, 100%, running on at least 2 braincells =w= ⯀06-15-2020
I'm almost done watching Card Captor Sakura, and almost done re-watching Utena! However, I've been in a little TRIGGER mood recently, so I drew a Ryuuko (o・ω・o) I also doodled a neocities cat gijinka because I was bored...
Artifices character page is pretty much done, I just need to add reference images, friends, and the description! (And also his icon to the actual Character directory....) I have been feeling pretty productive today, so I'm sure I will get lots of things done in the coming days! (╯✧▽✧)╯ ⯀06-12-2020
Time to start working on character pages!!! I'm pretty anxious about doing them, but only really because I'm not good at HTML.. I would like them to look a very specific way, and it'll probably be really hard to do(?). Nonetheless, they will Happen(tm)! ⯀06-04-2020
The world is pretty crazy right now!!! If you are a person of color, stay safe!!! (I have still been drawing, but mostly just playing games... I still haven't started on my character pages orz.... I will probably start working on them before the 15th!) ⯀05-29-2020
I have been playing a lot of Terraria again lately!!! The last time I played it was a very long time ago ... I am definitely going to start work on my character pages soon though!!! (Definitely... orz) ⯀05-25-2020
I was going to put the character portraits/info/bio/etc. in modals so it'd be easy to see all of them w/o going to another page and also save storage space but . it turns out modals are incredibly dumb and complicated, (or very limited) and I cant get a sidebar in a modal (?) or google is just being an idiot! I guess I'll just have to make individual pages for each damn character... ( ̄ヘ ̄) ⯀05-24-2020
I wish I could draw faster, its very tiresome sometimes trying to draw art especially if its for my site... drawing portraits is going to take me a long time, huh.... orz (Though its mainly just because I'm a perfectionist) ⯀05-23-2020
I (finally) made a blog to post about things I'm doing or. Whatever besides my site updates! (I guess I might also post pictures or drawings here, I'm not sure yet!!!) Anyway Hatsune Miku is our lord and saviour, that is all! (Cat/Cow animorph picture is for testing, ignore)